Welcome to my website! My name is Aditya Bane, professionally a Freelance Web Designer but passionate about Discus Fish. 6 years back started discus keeping as a hobby & in 2007 setup 1st Discus hatchery in Mumbai. In 2009 expanded my breeding project by setting up 2nd Discus hatchery. Currently owning nearly 30 breeding pairs of normal & exotic strain & supplying discus to wholesalers all over India.

I am looking day-to-day operations of the hatchery and extremely particular regarding all aspects of quality. Breeding only good shape, color & healthy discus. I give my discus fish optimum care and a well balanced diet. All babies are raised on parents & later only on Brine Shrimp.

If you are a discus wholesaler or stockist and looking for a good source of quality discus fish, do consider us as your supplier.



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